COVID19 Policy Statement

Here are a couple of the procedures we have implemented here at NuMe TMS Clinics to help reduce the spread of viruses and keep our patients and employees as safe as possible:

  1. To lessen the number of people in our clinic at any given time, we have created a new, staggered schedule and distancing where at all possible.  
  2. Daily temperature checks for employees. If an employee’s temperature displays as 99.5 degrees or above, said person is to go home and will not return to work until they have been fever-free for 24 hours. 
  3. Starting March 17th, all of our non-clinical essential staff are working from home. This includes any employee who does not directly provide TMS to patients. Dr. Kent will perform follow up appointments and evaluations via Telehealth video call.

These protocols are in addition to the hand-washing and office cleaning policies we previously had in place. At our off-site clinics in Houston, Texas and Salt Lake City, Utah we are also working on implementing new procedures, to include evaluations and follow up appointments via telehealth.

A time like this is not a time to ignore your mental health, in fact it’s quite the opposite. If you have long been struggling with depression, OCD, or another mental illness, now is a great time to make yourself a priority and get to living a life you’re excited to have. Meet with Dr. Kent from the comfort of your own home via video chat to discuss TMS therapy and see if you are a good candidate. Call us at 855-423-1746 to set up your appointment.