Often times our patients are so pleased with their treatment results that they independently leave positive reviews for us on various platforms across the web. On this page, we've archived many of our reviews from Google, Facebook, and Yelp. Links to the original reviews are provided in each case to provide full transparency. To view testimonials we've collected from our patients, including video testimonials, visit this page

What Our Patients Have To Say:

  • Google Review from Ben S.

    "The TMS treatments worked well for me."

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    "The TMS treatments worked well for me. I have suffered from depression for over 30 years and had tried a variety of meds and other treatments, but nothing helped me like the TMS treatments at NuMe clinic. All of the staff members were extremely caring as well."


  • Google Review from Cheryl Q.

    "My ability to manage everyday living has improved."

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    "Depression, for me, is an invisible yet tangible barrier between me and the outside world affecting even my most valued relationships. I have learned it is not my fault... my sensitivity to environmental negativity has created this challenge. I have been invested for years in managing my depression and have gained ground though still could not get my head 'above water'. The side effects of anti-depressants prohibit me from considering them to be a viable treatment. It was by happenstance that I came across TMS therapy and a Godsend. Shortly after beginning treatment, colors became vibrant and I found definition in how the world presented itself. My ability to manage everyday living has improved. I can get things done! Dr. Kent is fully invested in TMS therapy and carries integrity in his approach to helping people. He cares! The staff at the Meridian clinic exude warmth and compassion putting you first. Depression creates vulnerability. Having trust in care providers is paramount. I trust Dr. Kent, his staff, and the benefits of TMS therapy. I am feeling better and have a foundation upon which I can build. Do I still have work ahead of me? Yes. Now, however, I can put more energy into the joy of living."

  • Facebook Review from Kenna C.

    "The staff is spectacular and take amazing care of you."

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    "At first, I was a little skeptical if this would work, but amazingly it does. About half way through I started to notice severe improvement with my depression as well as my anxiety. Now at the end I feel almost cured. The staff is spectacular and take amazing care of you. I definitely recommend this for anyone who struggles with depression or other mental illnesses."


  • Yelp Review from Savanna S.

    "I feel extremely confident with Dr. Kent and TMS... "

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    "I had my evaluation with Dr. Kent a couple days ago and he made me feel like there is hope..he was so nice and I felt super comfortable with him. I suffer from severe depression and I felt as if I was out of options and answers after many failed medication attempts. I haven't started the treatment yet but I can't wait! I feel extremely confident with Dr. Kent and TMS and I am looking forward to seeing the results after the treatments."

  • Google Review from Megan N.

    "I owe them everything and I couldn’t recommend them more."

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    "Dr. Kent and his incredible staff have shown me unbelievable support during my time with them. I have been a difficult case and they continue to believe in me and in TMS...which is starting to work. I owe them everything and I couldn’t recommend them more, if this is the kind of treatment you need. The office is beautiful and clean, but not sterile-feeling."


  • Yelp Review from Janet H.

    "The TMS treatments have helped me immensely."

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    "The TMS treatments have helped me immensely. The NuMe clinic team is kind, caring and easy to work with. Dr Kent is very informative and gives you hope from consultation through follow up during treatments. They have the latest equipment and results are excellent. Christina and Bethany have been my technicians and they are great! They make treatments an enjoyable experience!! I started having results after the 1st treatment and continue feeling better and better. I'm 1/2 way through my treatments and cannot thank Dr Kent and the NuMe clinic team enough. This treatment has given me relief that I have not experienced after being on medications for years."

  • Google Review from Karen M.

    "Highly recommend him, the TMS opportunity at his practice... "

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    "Dr. Kent has been influential and made a big impact on my mental health and helping me achieve goals for myself. I've been blessed several times working with him both inpatient and outpatient. He's very determined, future oriented, knowledgeable, and shows genuine care. Highly recommend him, the TMS opportunity at his practice, and appreciate all he has done for me."