Hello, I'm Dr. David Kent, MD Chief Medical Officer for NuMe TMS Clinics. I believe that deep TMS Therapy is the future of how we treat depression, OCD and many other brain disorders

TMS is a noninvasive therapy that stimulates the brain in order to reduce symptoms of depression. It is highly effective, with many patients seeing signifiant reduction of symptoms or total remission, even if drug treatments have failed.

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Find Out How TMS Can Help You Overcome Depression



TMS treatment is incredibly effective, with many patients seeing a complete or significant remission of symptoms.
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TMS is a non-invasive treatment that lacks the drug side effects most depression medications put you at risk for.
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Antidepressant Alternative

TMS is a FDA-approved treatment that has been shown to produce results even for patients with treatment-resistant depression.
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Each treatment takes only about 20 minutes, and treatment is generally completed after 8 weeks, with lasting results.
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Treatment that can help even the most stubborn cases of depression.

Learn How We Use Brainsway Deep TMS Technology to Help.

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Significant, Long-Term Results

For Even The Most Persistent Depression Cases

TMS Therapy has been shown to significantly reduce symptoms and even trigger complete remission in many patients. Oftentimes, even patients who have failed several classes of antidepressants like SSRIs or TCAs experience a significant improvement in symptoms without typical drug-related side effects.

We use Brainsway® Deep TMS Therapy, which conducts therapy sessions more quickly and with greater efficacy than other TMS technologies. The technology is similar to an MRI, but with much less intense magnetization.

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Benefits of TMS Therapy

  • Convenient 20-minute treatments
  • Persistent results in 4-6 weeks
  • No drug-related side effects
  • Non-invasive treatment
  • Complete remission in 66% of patients 
  • Significant improvement in another 20% of patients

Find Out if TMS Therapy is Right for You

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